InterPlay Deventer



InterPlay awakens your creativity using simple practices involving voice (singing), movement (dance) and words (stories) in combination with stillness and contact with others. There is often laughter in the room, and we reach a deep level too as we play with stories from our lives – this is why we describe InterPlay as ‘sneaky deep’. You’ll get multiple opportunities to access your ‘body wisdom’ as you are playfully brought out of your head and landed firmly in your body.

Teachers:  Meg MacLeod, Sophia van Ruth and Bart Durand (leader in training)

Language: workshops Deventer are sometimes held in English and sometimes in Dutch. Keep an eye on this page for something in your language.

Please go to the ‘Nederlands’ page for current dates and costs of our Dutch language classes

Location: Het Kunstcircuit, Keizerstraat 70, Deventer unless it is on zoom due to covid restrictions.

Read how we handle the CORONA restrictions in our live classes

For: Teachers, therapists, managers, care workers, artists, carpenters, taxi drivers, mothers, fathers and more. For anyone who wants to experience more playfulness in their life. For those who want more connection to their own creativity along with authentic connection with others.

1 hour to 1.5 hour live class 
€ 10 to € 15 – bring a newcomer and you both get in for the price of one person

2.75 hour to 3 hour workshops
per zoom class: €15
per live class € 26 – € 28
Discounts if you pay for more than one class ahead of time, with fee corrections later if we switch to zoom

Payment: you will receive bank details when you register
Want to register or have questions, contact Bart:
Bart Durand: