InterPlay Deventer



InterPlay awakens your creativity using simple practices involving voice (singing), movement (dance) and words (stories) in combination with stillness and contact with others. There is often laughter in the room, and we reach a deep level too as we play with stories from our lives – this is why we describe InterPlay as ‘sneaky deep’. You’ll get multiple opportunities to access your ‘body wisdom’ as you are playfully brought out of your head and landed firmly in your body.


Teachers:  Meg MacLeod and Sophia van Ruth.

Workshops and classes:

Friday 13 Sept – 22 Nov, Autumn Immersion Course
6 x classes,  doors open 10:15, class 10:30 – 13:00, Kunstcircuit, Deventer, Meg & Sophia click here for more information (Dutch only)

Friday 6 September, A Taste of InterPlay – open class
Doors open 10:15, class 10:30 – 13:00, Kunstcircuit, Deventer, Sophia click here for more information (Dutch only). Please register for this class with Sophia van Ruth


Kunstcircuit Deventer
Keizerstraat 70
7411 HH Deventer

Muziekhuis Deventer
Van Calcarstraat 4, 7415 CK Deventer
If you face the front door at Van Calcarstraat no. 4, you will see a parking space behind an open gate on your right. Walk up the parking lot and take the door in the small white extension. Follow the purple arrows for the route to the Muziekhuis. That is: turn right in the corridor and at the end turn right again. You now enter a hallway where you can go through a door on your right hand to the stairwell. It is on the first floor left around the corner, through the swing doors and then the second room at your left (which is the largest).

Via Natura
T.G. Gibsonstraat 41
7411 RP  Deventer

Cost for open lessons:
Price per workshop: €15
Introductory lesson: €10
Bring a friend along and together you pay: €20

The class may be led in English or Dutch, but translation into Dutch is possible and you can speak either Dutch or English yourself.