InterPlay Leaders’ Gathering 2019

Dates: Sunday 23 June (pm) to Thursday 27 June (am) 2019
Location:De Dieken’ near Deventer, Netherlands
Costs: €200-€320 (see below)
Registrations: please click here to register

This year will be our third gathering for InterPlay Leaders in Europe. It will be a chance to play together, experiment with new forms, share our visions for InterPlay in Europe or anything else you would like to bring in.

All participants will co-create this event. Everyone is invited to propose sessions they want to lead or sessions they would like to receive (subject to another leader being willing to lead it). Sophia van Ruth will facilitate a process to create our program as we go along. This way we can make the event enticingly responsive to our needs, desires and sense of fun. You don’t need to submit your ideas for the program beforehand, we will literally create it on the fly.

This event is for certified leaders of InterPlay or people who have done the Life Practice Program, the millennials training, or the online bodywisdom tools course. If you do not meet these requirements but still feel that you belong at the gathering, let us know why you would like to come. We may be able to make an exception.

This event will be run at cost price – meaning we will just split the cost of the event between those who come. We have hired the venue for a fixed price and will be cooking for ourselves. Hence the cost will vary depending on how many people come and how much we spend on food. You can expect to pay somewhere between €200 and €320 per person depending on how many people come. This is inclusive of accommodation, food and hall hire.

You are welcome from Sunday evening, the event will officially kick off Monday morning and end Wednesday evening. You are also welcome to stay overnight Wednesday if you have far to travel, but we need to exit the venue immediately after breakfast Thursday.

Please click here to register