Laat ik mezelf zien: Sharing your true self

19 november, 2017  10.00- 12.30uur
With Sophia van Ruth end Meg MacLeod.  In this session, we’ll play with simple InterPlay forms often used to create easy-going spontaneous performances, forms like Following and leading, Gesture Choir, DT3 (Dance-Talk-Dance-Talk-Dance-Talk), Pop-out Song, One-arm dance, 3-breath song, 3-sentence story and more.

These forms give stepping stones so people become comfortable expressing authentically in the moment, even when others are witnessing. Some people use these forms to create spontaneous performances with friends, at family gatherings. I and others have used them to create one-woman shows.

They’ll come in handy our InterPlay BodySpirit Gathering Dec. 22 which will include regular InterPlay plus time for us to perform for each other, improvised or not.

Several performing companies in the USA and Australia use InterPlay forms to create completely improvised concerts. Here are some quotes from InterPlay performances Lorrie Streifel, another InterPlay leader and I directed in Asheville, NC:

From performers
That performance was one of the greatest things I did that year. I had never performed before, and had so much fun, getting out of the box. – R.S.

Once upon a time I was painfully shy, every experience was like a finger pointing at me. What a difference to be part of the group instead of someone being stared at. I knew the feeling of fame.  D.R.

People even at the Post office said it was awesome and showed me so much love. M.F.

From the audience
Watching these performances was like watching a web being spun, a tapestry being woven. It was exquisite! And I felt no separation between me as the witnesser and the tapestry being woven….I was being woven into the tapestry.” M.S.

It was magical, powerful. I got touched in the way I get touched when I see Cirque du Soleil. The magic came through. I laughed and cried and there’s not much out there that can make me do that. F.T.