Online InterPlay Classes

Want more InterPlay?

You are warmly welcome to join a Zoom Online Gathering hosted by various European leaders.
All gatherings are
• on the 2nd TUESDAYS unless otherwise noted (December 2020 is on THURSDAY!)
• 1 hour, 15 minutes
• 18.45 CET. 17.45 UK. 12.45pm EST USA 9.45pm Pacific USA
• Taught in English

Our next Gatherings will be:

9 March with Bart Durand of the Netherlands
Bart is an InterPlay Leader in training from The Netherlands. Besides loving InterPlay he is a teacher of circus arts, improvisation, and a trainer of creativity. He also loves to blow giant bubbles.

13 April with Bobbie Stormont, England & Meg MacLeod, the Netherlands.
Meg has been leading InterPlay since 1998 from universities to conferences. A recovering activist, she credits recovery of her senses and health to song-writing, InterPlaying and the Work of Byron Katie. 
Bobbie, an InterPlay leader in training, specialised in creating sound and movement environments for children with complex needs. Quiet, singing, dancing and InterPlaying bring her life and she desires to create ‘spaces of grace’ that encourage human flourishing.

11 May with Sophie Schultz-Allen of Germany

8 June with Meg MacLeod of the Netherlands

13 July with Ade Anifowose of the England / Nigeria

10 August with Masankho Banda of Malawi

14 September with Masankho Banda of Malawi

12 October with Outi Ruohola of Finland

9 November with Mairi Campbell of Scotland

14 December with Gabriele Panning of Germany

You may discover how handy and easy it is to InterPlay during a video call or even on a regular phone call with friends, colleagues or family.

We (Annegret Zander, Gabriele Panning, Mairi Campbell and Meg MacLeod) set these gatherings up as a way for us European InterPlayers to connect more with each other.
In the gatherings we move, explore, connect using InterPlay forms via the easy-to-use zoom platform. People are often surprised at how lighthearted and deep one can go with InterPlay on the phone or online.
Because people from several lands may attend, all Gatherings will be taught in English.

Please come on time so we can get the technology working well. If you are using Zoom for the first time, allow a few minutes beforehand to download zoom if needed and to follow instructions.

Contact Meg MacLeod:
• to receive the zoom link for the next Zoom Gathering
• to find out when future Gatherings will be
• to ask to lead an event (if you are a European leader or emerging leader)
• to be added to our IInterPlay Europe Zoom Gathering List for reminders

Donations are welcome and go to the leader of the gathering and for the transformative support they provide worldwide, bringing more body wisdom and playfulness, racial equity and transformation in prisons, hospitals, universities, language classes and more.

Questions concerning Zoom:
Send a mail to:

Who else has led these sessions?
July 2020 – Annegret Zander, Germany
August 2020 – Masankho Banda, Malawi, Africa
September 2020 – Stephan Marchant, Belgium
October 2020 – Sophia van Ruth, Netherlands/Australia
November 2020 – Mairi Campbell and Russell McLarty, Scotland
December 2020 – Ade Anifowose, England & Meg MacLeod, Netherlands
January 2021 – Bernhard Staudt, Germany & Masaknho Banda, Malawi
February 2021 – Annegret Zander, Germany