Online InterPlay Classes

Want more InterPlay?

If you have attended at least one InterPlay class or workshop, you are warmly welcome to join a Zoom Online Gathering hosted by various European leaders. Our next Gatherings will be:

Tuesday February 11: 6.45pm – 8pm (Central European Time)
led by Gabriele Panning of Germany

Tuesday March 10: 6.45pm – 8pm (Central European Time)
led by Meg MacLeod of the Netherlands

April 14, 6.45pm – 8pm (Central European Time) led by Mairi Campbell of Scotland

May 12, 6.45pm – 8pm (Central European Time) – led by Sophie Schultz-Allen of Germany

You may discover how handy and easy it is to InterPlay during a video call or even on a regular phone call with friends, colleagues or family.

We (Annegret Zander, Gabriele Panning and Meg MacLeod) wanted a way for us European InterPlayers to connect more with each other. Participants in the January Zoom Gathering were enthusiastic for more, so we’ll continue offering them as long as there is interest.

We will be moving, exploring and connecting using InterPlay forms via the easy-to-use zoom platform. People are often surprised at how lighthearted and deep one can go with InterPlay on the phone or online. Because people from several lands may attend, all Gatherings will be taught in English.

Please come on time so we can get the technology working well in a timely manner. If you are using Zoom for the first time, allow a few minutes beforehand to download zoom if needed and to follow instructions.

For info on any of the below, send a mail to Meg MacLeod:
• to receive the link for the next Zoom Gathering
• to find out when future Gatherings will be
• to be added to our IInterPlay Europe Zoom Gathering List and for reminders

Questions concerning Zoom:
Send a mail to:

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